Empowering children. Restoring hope. Ending abuse.

Cornerstone Child Advocacy Center ensures guidance, protection, and help to children and families affected by abuse.

To report abuse, call 1-800-352-6513 and your local law enforcement agency. For more information about how to report abuse, click below. If you are reporting an emergency, please call 911.



Who we are

Cornerstone Child Advocacy Center works every day to bring justice, hope, and healing to children who are victims of abuse in Boone and Lincoln County. As a child advocacy center working toward national accreditation, we promote a coordinated response that is compassionate and efficient, and puts the needs of children first.

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What We Do

Every year, children and families come to Cornerstone Child Advocacy Center in the aftermath of an allegation of abuse or a violent crime. For some, the path to healing is clear, and for others, the obstacles may seem insurmountable. Regardless of their trauma, their level of need, or their ability to pay, Cornerstone Child Advocacy Center is here to help.


Attend An Event

 Cornerstone Child Advocacy Center regularly holds fundraisers and trainings to empower our community, supporters, and staff.

Cornerstone Child Advocacy Center’s partner program, Cornerstone Parents As Teachers, holds a monthly group connection and a monthly Circle of Parents support group. Our staff participate in numerous community collaborations, boards, and teams in Boone and Lincoln Counties.